Shiwang hardware Double ninth Festival sweep, care for the mentally disabled elderly

The Double Ninth Festival, also known as Double Ninth Festival, falls on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month every year. On this festival, there are traditional customs such as ancestor worship, respecting the elderly, climbing heights, appreciating chrysanthemums, drinking chrysanthemum wine and eating Double ninth cake. However, it is perhaps more important for us to pay attention to and take care of the vulnerable groups in society, including our mentally disabled elderly.


This year's Double Ninth Festival, Shiwang Hardware organized a "start with love, heart action" activity, this time to visit a poor family, the mother has more than 70 years old, poor health, and their child, a 50-year-old 2 mentally disabled elderly, is the main caregiver of their family. However, due to his own limitations, he was unable to bring in sufficient income and care for his family. The ability to live is also relatively weak, and usually depends on the help of the community and the care of volunteers. Therefore, we hope that through this campaign, we can provide the necessary help and support to the family,

Before the operation began, we made full preparations in advance. We bought cleaning tools and ingredients and planned to do a thorough cleaning for her, as well as prepare a nice lunch for her. We also prepared some small gifts, hoping to let her feel our love and blessing.

When we arrived at Aunt Wang's house, she was a little surprised, but more happy. We said hello to her and started to clean up. Although her home is a little messy, every corner is full of life. We cleaned every corner carefully and tried not to touch her small collection. With our efforts, her home has become cleaner and more cozy.

Next, we began to prepare lunch. We picked out her favorite ingredients and cooked up delicious dishes. As the aroma filled the room, Aunt Wang's face lit up with a satisfied smile. Although her intelligence is limited, she can feel our love and warmth.

After lunch, we shared with Aunt Wang the traditional food of Double Ninth Festival -- Double Ninth cake. Watching her taste the delicious cakes, our hearts were filled with satisfaction and joy. On this special day, we not only brought her clean and delicious food, but also our love and respect.

Through this activity, we have a deeper understanding of the significance of the Double Ninth Festival not only lies in the traditional customs such as climbing heights, admiring chrysanthemums, drinking chrysanthemum wine and eating Double ninth cake, but also in the concern and care for the vulnerable groups. In this society, everyone deserves our respect and love, regardless of their intelligence and ability.

We would like to thank all the people who participated in this activity, it is your dedication and care that makes this Double Ninth Festival more warm and meaningful. We hope that through such actions, more people can pay attention to the living conditions of the elderly with intellectual disabilities, so that more elderly with intellectual disabilities can feel the care and warmth of the society in their old age.